African Safaris Tours Guide Description.

What sort of experience adventure do you have personally as a main priority? What does the word adventure mean to you? African safari tours can offer you basically anything that you need to see or to do. Every individual is extraordinary. What is an experience to you might not inspire the man or lady beside you. The absolute most noteworthy sorts of excursions in Africa incorporate guided safari tours through the different natural life asylums.

Some will manage the cost of you offering you the chance to visit and to photo those stunning creatures in their own normal natural surroundings. Where else on earth would you be able to watch a lion, or view the giraffes as they nimbly wend their way over the scene, snacking from the odd tree as they go. HOLIDAYS IN KENYA can only be made memorable by hiring African safari tours guide if you want an exceptional lifetime experience.

My Day-by-Day Programme


  • Day 1: Nairobi – Masai Mara Game Reserve

It’s the first day of my amazing East African Safari!

I will get my first taste of Kenyan hospitality,I meet my representative at Nairobi hotel,then transfer me to Wilson Airport for my flight to the Masai Mara National Reserve.


  • There are two flights per day, but I recommend that you take the morning flight if possible, to maximize your time in The Mara.
  • The Flying time is around 45 min.

On arrival at the Masai Mara airstrip I met by my guide who will transfer me to the Sarova Mara Camp,my home for the next two exciting days!

Remember have your camera handy as you drive to the Camp(this short drive will give you your first taste of game viewing in The Mara)

After a delicious lunch at the camp i have some time to explore my environment and settle in before setting off on my first afternoon game drive.

delicious lunch

My accommodation is in the true East African Safari style in spacious under-canvas rooms with all the luxury touches I need to complete my safari experience.

My accommodation is in the true East African Safari style in spacious under-canvas rooms

The Masai Mara National Reserve is one of East Africa’s most legendary wildlife reserves, and Kenya’s most popular safari destination.More Information on wikipedia.

Cape buffaloes bachelor herd resting Lake Nakuru National ParkDwarf Mongoose Pack Maasai Mara National ReserveElephant and Calf Grazing Maasai Mara National ReserveTwo Male White Rhinos Lake Nakuru National Park


  • Day 2: Masai Mara Game Reserve

I suggest you request an early wake-up call so that you will not miss the first stirrings of animal movements, as you set off on your early morning game drive just as the first rays of sunlight peep over the horizon and the bush comes to life.Have a good day!

You will return to the lodge for breakfast. Afterwards you can relax around the pool, do some bird watching, enjoy a massage or visit the herb garden!  You will be free to enjoy all these facilities until it is time for your afternoon game drive.

  • Day 3: Masai Mara – Nairobi

Although my Mara adventure is drawing to a close there is still time for a final early morning game drive, or you can spoil yourself with the ultimate Mara experience, a dawn Hot-air Balloon excursion over the Reserve.  If you opt for the latter, you will have the unforgettable chance to drift over the savannah plains for about an hour, just as the sun is starting to appear over the horizon. Your flight will be followed by a champagne breakfast in the bush when you touch down.  Although this is an optional extra, i recommend that you grab the opportunity if your budget allows – it is truly memorable.


Someone might be having a question such as: How much do KENYA SAFARI COST? They charge according to the places you wish to visit while on holiday in Kenya. Now this is negotiable while you engage with the company. The best part of it is that you might spend a couple of days or even a couple of weeks at an private safari inn and visit the different natural scenes and safari stops that will thoroughly knock your socks off and make them wish you never needed to go home again!

What do you have at the top of the priority list for your HOLIDAYS IN KENYA? Does that excursion to the authentic territory, or the exhibition halls sound like somewhat less than what you’d like to accomplish for your special first night getaway? Have you considered the majority of your alternatives? A standout amongst the most exceptional and famous approaches to spend a special night getaway is on using NAIROBI SAFARI when you get to African on a tour. Live the enterprise that Africa offers, collaborate with the general population and take in the persona of Africa. See the natural life up close, sometimes about sufficiently close to touch

African safari visits might take in anything at all from untamed life to luxury living, to wineries and eateries, contingent upon the sort of visit that you book for your excursion. Regardless of what sort of visit that you take, you can be sure that it will completely touch your spirit in a way that nothing else has. The enchantment and persona of Africa is something that you will recall your whole life.

Why Use a Tour Operator For Your African Safari Tours?

There are great deal of good reasons why you have to consider working with a tour operator for your African safari tours. Here are some of them.

  • You can get precisely what you need.

Given the extensive variety of destinations and choices accessible, arranging a perfect agenda that will suit your individual inclinations can truly be an overwhelming assignment. Regardless of the fact that you have room schedule-wise to do it, no measure of online exploration can ever set you up for this reality.

With the visit administrator’s offer, you some assistance with canning distinguish the best places to visit and the best time to go so you will get precisely the sort of experience that you need – whether it might be going by a customary Maasai town in Tanzania, going on right on time morning diversion drives to the Tanzanian shrubberies, or seeing the Great Migration in real life. Their broad individual involvement in these regions and their immeasurable system of associations can make your wishes materialize!

  • You can be guaranteed of your safety.

By having an AFRICAN SAFARI TOURS operator, you can make sure that your wellbeing and security will never be traded off. Your tour guide will guarantee that every one of the parts of your points visit during your vacation including your flights, exchange, inn and safari destinations is protected.

  • You can get master counsel on the considerable details about vital points of interest.

Little things can either make or break the experience during your vacation. You may not know about it but rather traveling to Africa can truly be entirely complicated. Some travel details you might have about points of interest maybe insignificant (consider baggage cutoff points and confinements in regards to money withdrawals and charge card acknowledgment) can all of a sudden turn into a noteworthy issue and drive you up the wall. Anticipate that the worse things will happen on the off chance that you don’t have somebody to fill you in with such trivial important details.