Today more couples are opting for a winter safari honeymoon packages and it’s easy to see why that more and more couples are opting to have their wedding and honeymoon during this season.

  • Firstly with it being at the end of the year you will have more time to find the best safari honeymoon packages and wedding packages, which in the long run will help to relieve more stress and should hopefully make both occasions run more smoothly with the extra preparation time.
  • Secondly, what could be more incredible to end the year celebrating your love as a newly married couple whilst also escaping work and the winter chill?


The best safari honeymoon packages often tend to include Milan, Paris, New York, Venice and Dubai; admittedly these are all incredibly romantic honeymoon destinations but these locations with the exception of Dubai are rather cold in the winter, so if you want to escape the winter weather for warmer climes then a long haul destination will be more suitable for you. Countries such as South Africa, Australia and Thailand all have their summer between November and March whilst in Europe and America (western hemisphere), they have their winter.

Barbados – is a luxurious and small piece of Britain in the Caribbean. It is a country which is home to luxurious hotels; it lures in the rich and famous all year round who seek a relaxing beach holiday and a chance to escape the paparazzi. There are so many things to see and do in Barbados with activities such snorkelling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and sipping some of the islands world famous rum whilst watching the sunset.

Fiji – is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it’s situated nearly 2000 miles away from Australia. Despite being comprised of over three hundred islands, the Fijian population resides on just two of the islands – Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Fiji is an exotic destination with turquoise waters, golden sandy beaches and incredible scenery. In Fiji you could swim with some manta rays, snorkel over vibrant coral reefs, float in turquoise lagoons at sunset and explore lush rainforests. Fiji is a place where you can dine at the edge of a waterfall before dancing the night away to the sound of the local musicians.

Kenya Kenya
Kenya- has so much to offer couples looking to get a little more from their holiday experience. Kenya comprises of exciting wildlife and stunning shores. Most people who visit Kenya tend to visit one of its many safari parks, with the most popular being the Masai Mara National Safari Park. In contrast, the soft sandy beaches and the warm tropical waters and soft golden sandy beaches off the Indian Ocean offer relaxed and luxurious resorts with an impressive range of water sports.

Sri Lanka – is an ever increasingly popular honeymoon destination, offering some of the best honeymoon packages around and with it being so close most people tend to combine their stay with a trip to the Maldives or Mauritius.
Getting married is for the most part significant circumstances of human’s life. And so happens to the honeymoon phase additional vital as it offers the gap for the honeymooner’s to recognize each other fine and grow love and warmth for each other. So choosing an accurate honeymoon consign happens to an added imperative choice as it has to be consign of calm atmosphere which will offer you seclusion and tranquil mind and also have to be a fine-looking place which will boost your emotions more expressible to each other.
Luxury Safari Honeymoon Packages: It is everybody’s nightmare to go a luxury honeymoon subsequent to the marriage is over. Luxury honeymoon packages have the entire conveniences as well as promise of red carpet services, but they may fluctuate depending on your finances. The swanky conveniences on a deluxe honeymoon are generally accessible in travel, accommodation, hotels as well as security with calm, saga as well as seclusion. Consigns that present luxury honeymoon packages comprise Singapore and Mauritius, where you will be guaranteed of superior services that will seize your breath away.
Affordable safari honeymoon packages: Wedding includes so much expenditure that couples may go for affordable honeymoon package. Though the charges of a marriage ceremony are significant, there are a few immense affordable honeymoon packages accessible. Several of the cruise ships have some extremely affordable honeymoon packages and existence on a cruise ship can be an immense means to relax. Some more affordable honeymoon packages are Alaska, Europe and Caribbean. Those with great finances may go to the beach in Tahiti whilst those with the lesser finances can move to the East Coast or the West Coast depending on the nearness to the initial point. Lodgings are a great fraction of any honeymoon cost. A camping trip is one more means to save on lodgings for those who take pleasure in the outsides.