Kenya Safari Cost
Kenya Safari Cost

Price of Accommodation in Kenya

Accommodation in Kenya
Accommodation in Kenya

For a double private room at a guest house in Kenya, expect to pay anywhere from $10 – $20 per night. Another step up the budget at mid-range hotels can cost $20 – $40 per night.

There are several standards and levels of accommodation in this country. Poor or rich, you are definitely covered. The cheapest Kenyan hotels will charge as little as $1-$2 for a night. These are the last resort for any traveler because of their deplorable state of sanitation.

Hostel dorms will cost you $6-$10 per night. They are readily available but not recommendable for a tourist. A middle range hotel will cost you $20 to $40 per night. These are usually in an acceptable state and you will not find it hard to spend a night in one of them

If you choose a double private room in one of the glamorous guest houses it will cost you $10 to $50 per night. It is upon you to decide according to you budget limits


Cost of Eating Food in Kenya


Delicious meals on the Kenyan streets food will most probably consist of a plate of ugali which is a common staple food or less likely beans, vegetables and rice or some grizzly meat stew that usually goes for $0.7 per plate. Kenyan streets are littered with food stands that sell cheap foods mostly consisting of starch. This is consumed by the low class, but it can be adventurous to some of the recipes such as samosa’s or mutura which are stuffed with meat. Such fast foods can be as cheap as $0.1. There is no reason why you should not try one of the dishes. If you decide to for a Kenya safari coast, madafu (which are literary premature coconuts) will quench your thirst amid the coast blazing sun and soaring temperatures. They go for as little as $0.5

Grilled meat also referred to as nyama choma is a popular dish throughout Kenya. A kilogram of goat nyama choma at a local eatery will cost you between 400- 500 Kenyan shillings approximately $4- 5. In the bigger hotels especially for the well of and the tourist a kilogram of choma (roast meat) will cost you 800 -1000 Kenyan shillings or about $8-10. A whole roasted chicken is relatively cheap in the smaller hotel, going for only 450 Kenyan shillings or approximately $4.5. There is no reason why you should not try these dishes.

If you prefer to take your lunch in the medium range hotels it will cost you a range of 200- 500 Kenyan shillings which translates to $2.5 to $6 for every meal.

A delicious meal at Burger Hut Nairobi probably Africa’s best burger is in the range of 200 to 400 KES or approximately $2.36 – $4.70)Ken chick inn also offers quality meals at competitive prices

The high end and classy hotels offer meals at the range of 500- 1000 Kenyan shillings. For instance at The Smart Village Eritrean restaurant, you can eat to your fill for only 600 Kenyan shillings or $7 per head which is very fair.

A 1 liter bottle of water goes for about 60 Kenyan shillings or $0.6. It is ironical that a bottle of mineral water goes for more than soda in Kenyan restaurants.


Cost of Taking a Safari in Kenya

In Kenya, safaris are simply not that cheap no matter the variables you match or choose. The total sum of a safari will include transportation, food, entry fees, and lodging. If you have no access to a private vehicle, I strongly recommend joining an all inclusive safari tours. There are several companies that provide safari services and are willing to take you wherever you want. This should not be hard to find since these companies are all over attraction sites. Be prepared to pay more than $500 for a three day safari. A single day will cost you $100- $200

Here are some of the best safari companies I would suggest

Affable ToursBuena Vista ToursNatural Track SafarisInside Africa Safaris

I strongly recommend that you do more research on this

Kenya might not be one of the cheapest countries to travel or stay in; however it has a lot to offer. You will definitely want to travel in the whole country after you take a Kenya safari coast. The coast has more to offer than you can imagine. Kenya is also the home to the wild beast migration, a wonder of the world. You should be probably planning to travel there.

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