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A Kenya safari is one of best luxurious safari vacations in Africa,A Kenya getaway is possibly the most sought after vacations and with good reason. Africa has gone relatively untouched by the modern world, sure there are cities, but with huge acreage of wild life reserves and protected parks and the largest population of nomadic people, Africa is a rare beauty on Earth.

In a Hurry?

Time is money, so if you are in a rush there’s no need to worry because I have compiled this Kenya Safari Guide which lists all of the Safari Experience on my blog. I thought this would be ideal not just for those of you who are short of time, but also for people who already have an idea of what they’re searching for.

For those of you looking for the best Kenya Safari Tours, You may find it helpful to jump to my best local experts guide. Here’s the shortlist of those:

What you should know about Kenya safari Tours

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Why go on a safari vacation in Kenya?

Going on safari in Kenya is an unforgettable experience offering an exciting mix of wildlife adventure, unique cultural encounters and spectacular scenery!


Kenya has two dry seasons:

dry seasons-kenya
dry seasons-kenya
  1. the main one from June to October
  2. The shorter one spell of dry weather between January and February.
Wet seasons-kenya
Wet seasons-kenya

Wet seasons:

  1. From November to around the end of February the rains are generally is very small,So it do not have a great influence on your safaris.
  2. The highest rainfall happens between February and April and this is when some camps and lodges close due to impassable roads.


All Year Round Higlights

The best Kenya tours and safaris include Big 7 unforgettable viewing:

  1. The Big five game (more info on wiki)

The Big five game viewing in Kenya is generally very good all year round, particularly in the Maasai Mara.It offers the most dramatic game viewing and widest range of safari experiences all year round.

2.  Birding Tours

Birding Higlights Kenya
Birding Higlights Kenya

Kenya hosts some important birding areas where you can enjoy ticking off hundreds of resident species at any time of year. The Rift Valley Lakes, Naivasha, Nakuru, Borogia and Baringo, also have large of water birds and nesting colonies of raptors, such as the African Fish Eagle, which you can enjoy all year around.

The Dry Months(January/February and June to October)

  1. General Game Viewing
June to October is without doubt the best time of the year for game viewing in Kenya (and most of East and Southern Africa). The days are sunny and clear, there is very little chance of rain and the grass is shorter making game-viewing easier. In addition, many seasonal water sources dry up and the wildlife is forced to congregate around permanent water holes making them much easier to locate.
The down-side is that this is the busiest time in all the popular reserves, and also the most expensive!
2.  The Wildebeest Migration
The huge herds reach the Maasai Mara Reserve around July and seeing them on the plains of the ‘Mara, or witnessing a perilous river crossing is a wildlife spectacle second to none. The best time to see the action is between July and September. However, since the timing of the migration is dictated by the rains, it is never possible to perfectly predict the best time.
3.  Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and Trekking kenya
Hiking and Trekking kenya
Hiking in the wonderful Aberdare National Park is definitely at its best during the dry months and if you plan to trek beautiful Mount Kenya you should definitely consider late August to September when the temperatures at the higher altitudes are a little kinder. (Mid January to February, the other dry period, is also great for trekking).

The Wet Months – November to May

  1.  Birding
The Wet Months bird watching- kenya
The Wet Months bird watching- kenya

Spring and summer (from October to March) are by far the best times for bird watching in Kenya. After the start of the spring rains, the resident bird population is dramatically swollen by thousands of migrating northern bird species, making the early summer months the best time to visit for a birding safari to the Rift Valley Lakes, Nakuru, Bogoria, Naivasha and Baringo as well as the coastal breeding hotspots, such as the Sokoke Forest, Mida-Creek and Sabaki estuary, near the Watamu Marine National Park.

2.  Calving


October to December is when most of the animals calve and visiting at this time provides the perfect opportunity to see many baby animals, as well as the many predators who eagerly anticipate easy pickings! In addition, the arid areas miraculously turn green and the landscape is sensational.


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Safety and security

Kenya safaris isn’t much different than advice for anyone headed out into any foreign country or tourist travel spot.Many travel to and from Kenya without incident every year, but keep your guard up as civil unrest, ethnic disputes and terrorist attacks happen in Kenya periodically with unnerving amount of unpredictability.

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