What you should know about Kenya safari


    Kenya Introduction


    Kenya will surely find out who the biological resources of the country is extremely rich sense of longing.Last year, CCTV broadcast live on the East African grasslands of the world’s largest animal migration, shocking images make a lot of people remember the Masai Mara, Kenya know. Kenya had served as the European colonial powers, who has been the European aristocracy hunting grounds, however unrestrained hunting, many rare animals threatened with extinction. After World War II the Government of Kenya to establish a national parks and protected areas, the land back to the animals, so that they have a new home.
    Kenya, East Africa, crosses the equator, the Great Rift Valley north to south, east to the Indian Ocean, in the middle of Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa, country names in Kenya has thus come.Complex terrain gives Kenya colorful landscapes and a variety of species, from tropical oceans, deserts to snow-capped mountains, Kenya distinct many faces presented in front of the traveler. While Kenya at the equator, but the average altitude of 1,500 meters high and make it a pleasant climate, has become a summer resort. Kenya because the original African grasslands, and a variety of wildlife, which every year attracts thousands of visitors to the eco-tourism here.
    Kenya is one of the cradles of mankind, the territory has about 250 million years ago unearthed human skull fossil, known as the cradle of mankind. At present, tourism is one of Kenya’s most important sources of foreign exchange industry.


    Best travel time

    Kenya tourist season in December – next March and July to August.
    November – March the following year are migratory period; January to February because the weather is hot and dry, the animals would be more aggregation is safari (one kind of overland safari) a good time; every year from July to August is a big animal watching the best time of migration, the nature of ambitious films will be staged in the Masai Mara.
    Kenya twice a year during the rainy season, is not suitable for tourism: the long rains -6 mid-late March, the short rainy season at the end of 10 – the beginning of December.
    Tips: hot summer weather, to prevent mosquito bites infectious diseases, need to carry mosquito repellent toilet water or wind spirits, to bring the best hospital opened mosquito repellant. If Fengyoujing gave the locals a gift they will be very happy.


    Dressing Guide

    Although Kenya is the equatorial countries, but higher elevations, year-round temperatures are more comfortable. Here the temperature difference between morning and evening, in addition to carrying summer, long-sleeved jacket and trousers are also essential goods. If you go to higher elevations, but also with a thick coat.
    Tips: In Kenya travel, mostly for outdoor activities, strong ultraviolet radiation seasons, need to bring sunscreen items.



    English is the official language in Kenya, with the driver, the hotel staff to communicate in English is no problem. Swahili is the language of the local people’s daily communication, if they can express greetings and thanks to the local people in Swahili, they will be very happy, and showing more friendly.
    KARIBU: Welcome
    JAMBO: Hello
    ASANTE: Thank you
    NGAPI: How much money
    KWA HELI: Goodbye
    CHOO: toilet
    MAJI: water


    Customs and Taboos

    Virginia retains many old customs. In Kenya, 7 and 7 to the end of any number is unlucky. Many Kenyans still believe the camera will take away the soul of the argument, so please obtain their permission before taking pictures. According to custom, do not talk about the color problem in Kenya, the locals do not like to say they are “black skin”, but “brown.” Inviolable and presidential flags in words or actions. Strong Kenyan tribal consciousness, xenophobia strong, talk to Kenyans mentioned taboo political issues and the Mau Mau movement in the 1950s (Mau Mau Movement). In the process of the local tour, the passenger must absolutely comply with their rules, which is to protect its own security needs, but also a courtesy.
    Kenyan people warm and friendly, they do not like English the official language, if you can learn a few simple common Swahili, even if only a few words, even if the pronunciation eccentric, such a friendly efforts also make them for you doubling goodwill. A “JAMBO” (Swahili: hello) can quickly narrow the distance between you and them. Kenya in different regions and tribes have different religious beliefs and customs, thereby creating many different taboos. Conversation with local Muslims, can not talk about the topic of all pigs can not interfere with their worship. Fetishism believe in family, can not inquire about them the use of puppets, patterns, markings, but not hand to touch.



    Kenya is known as the cradle of humankind, here about 250 years ago unearthed a human skull fossils.
    In the Age of Discovery, the coastal region of Kenya occupied the Portuguese, and later by the British partition of Germany, and finally became a British colony until December 12, 1963 formally declared independence. Formed more than 40 ethnic Bantu, Nello Mystic group, etc., multi-ethnic country. Britain’s long rule, the Kenya followed many British customs. For example, Kenya has retained the left-right rudder diet; inherited British legal system, improve laws and regulations, court trial lawyer wearing a wig, wearing a robe lawyer.
    Living in this beautiful and mysterious land of Africa, Kenyans have a rustic, simple and friendly character.Although their living environment is so simple, primitive, and even a little boring, hard, but they are consistent with an optimistic attitude to face real-life challenges.

    Kenya Consumption


    Kenyan Shilling (Currency Number: KES) is the currency of Kenya. Coins in minutes, 1 shilling = 100 cents.Ken Pound unit of account, 1 pound = 20 Ken Ken shillings.
    Banknotes currently in circulation are: Ken shilling notes 1000,500,200,100 and 50; coin denomination in circulation for Ken 20,10,5 and 1 shilling, and 50 points, 10 points and 5 stars Ken shilling coins.
    Yuan and Kenyan shilling is not directly convertible, the country will need to RMB into US dollars and then dollars into the local Kenyan Shilling.
    Many national park tickets can be purchased in US dollars in Kenya directly, but the dollar is also very popular by the local merchants, recommendations prepared by a few dollars in the body. But note that the East African countries will only accept US dollars in 2000 after the release. Convertible currency in Kenya is quite easy on the Barclays Bank (Barclays Bank) ATM machines can be redeemed, the highest exchange rate to do so. If you do not know how to use the ATM Exchange, can be redeemed at the airport exchange, the exchange rate is only a little lower.
    Reference exchange rate (in May 2015)
    1 yuan ≈15.8 Ken Shilling
    $ 1 ≈98 Ken Shilling


    Consumption levels

    Consumption level is not high in Kenya, Nairobi, the capital of living equivalent to second and third tier cities in China. Bottle of mineral water (500ml) 50 Ken Shilling, general restaurant, 700 Ken Shilling / person, upscale restaurant or Chinese restaurant dining Approximately 1500 Ken Shilling / person.



    Tipping is common in Kenya, restaurants, hotels are generally willing to 50 shillings. Tour guide and driver or a minimum of $ 6 500 shillings per person per day.


    Bank Card

    Kenya can use Visa cards are not many places. Most shopping malls, hotels still have to use VISA or MASTER card.

    Kenya Communication


    Kenya Local phone to GSM standard, with domestic same. Local SIM cards can be purchased at the airport, prepaid cards have 50 shillings to 3,000 shillings denomination.
    AIRTEL is one of the two mobile operators in Kenya, only 3 numbers dialed China Ken Shilling / minute (about 0.25 yuan / minute), SMS 10 shillings / article, while providing mobile network services, specific service packages can be handled consulting salesperson. Another SIM card is Safaricom, are sold and recharge anywhere (even small villages). Kenya to China dial telephone, international long distance only 10 shilling / minute (about 0.75 yuan RMB).
    From China to call Kenya’s telephone number is: 254731XXXXXX; local phone call each plus 0731XXXXXX; to domestic call: 0086+ area code + phone number, 0086 + phone number, SMS: 0086+ phone number, if it is to come back, then may reply directly.
    Tips: In some national parks, cell phone signal instability, especially in the Masai Mara, the phone may be no signal.


    The Internet

    A good number of local hotels, cafes will have a free basic wireless network. If you want to always be able to on the wireless network you can also hire a mobile router, there Taobao rental service, very convenient; or choose to open Internet business in local phone card.

    Practical information Kenya


    Ken went to the front, shall receive immunizations and Yellow Book, to avoid unnecessary trouble and out of customs. At the same time we need to prepare some of the commonly used drugs, such as prevention and treatment of malaria medicine, motion sickness medicine. In addition to bring the best mask (National Park dusty dirt road), a specific insect repellent lotion.
    The Yellow Book is the yellow fever endemic areas before Kenya (mainly by yellow fever mosquitoes, no cure after infection), before traveling on domestic demand-related vaccine inoculation, a needle 70 yuan, obtained after vaccination Yellow Book. Kenya Airports random checks Yellow Book.
    Takes place at the Beijing International Travel Health Care Center Address: 17 East Road, Haidian District, Madian the Australian International Building 23 floor, 25-storey Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center Address: 15 Jinbang Road, Shanghai


    post Office

    In the souvenir shop you can see postcards, about 50 Ken Shilling / Zhang. Post Office is located in Nairobi Kenyatta Ave, if you can not find the post office, you can choose to stay at the hotels in the hotel where the staff make on behalf of postcards, leaflets cost 50-80 Ken shilling.


    Travel advisory

    Nairobi 24 hours Tourism Hotline: (254-020) 604 767


    Safety Precautions

    Kenya’s security situation is not very good, frequent robberies. Do not travel alone, preferably early in the morning and in the evening at the hotel to rest, do not go out, but do not go to the back streets; do not carry large amounts of cash or valuables in the body. If unfortunately encountered robbery do not resist, because most robbers carry guns, and afterwards get to crowded places alarm. In Kenya, the best have a car, so you can largely ensure your personal safety.


    Emergency call

    For police, fire, ambulance: 112/999
    Police Directorate: 254-20-2240000
    AAR Emergency Center: 254-20-2715328
    Nairobi Hospital: 254-20-2726300



    Chinese Embassy in Kenya address: WOODLANDS ROAD, POBOX 30508 (00100) GPO, NAIROBI, REPUBLIC OF KENYA
    Phone: 254-20-2726851; 254-717070214 (Tel consular documents); 254-719235543 (24 hours Consular Protection Line)
    E-mail: chinaemb_ke@mfa.gov.cn (embassy mailbox) consulate_ken@mfa.gov.cn (Consular dedicated mailbox)
    Office Hours: Monday to Friday 08: 30-12: 00,15: 00-17: 00
    Consular Documents telephone consultation hours: Monday to Friday afternoon 03: 00-05: 00.


    Photography Tips

    Be sure to bring a telephoto lens, preferably 200mm or more. Also be sure to clean the tool with a camera, Masai Mara dust is very large.

    Kenyan Internal Transport


    In Nairobi, Kenya travel by train have to Mombasa (Mombasa) line and Nairobi to Kisumu (Kisumu) line for tourists to choose Nairobi to Kisumu route line Nakuru (Nakuru) and Naivasha (Naivasha). We recommend travel first or second class, both for the sleeper compartment, a first class compartment of the two boxes, a sink, basin, wardrobe, water and wine service; second class is relatively simple, four in a box, a sink, face basin and drinking water, but all the boxes are not locked from outside, be careful not to leave valuables left unattended box; third class seats only, very safe, and males and females seat. First and second class tickets half need 2-3 days in advance to the station booking



    Kenya Some car rental companies do not need to show the international driver’s license can rent a car, but just in case the best to carry a driver’s license. Car play in Kenya is more luxurious way to travel, in addition to the rental vehicle itself, but also need to pay various types of insurance, and vehicle surtax paid in case of damage. If you need a rental car, four-wheel drive cars to be rented, or you will not get into some muddy roads national parks.



    Relatively rental, the free exercise of tourists chartered tour will be a lot of cost-effective, and more secure.Most car rental companies offer chauffeur services, you can not request a travel professional drivers familiar with the environment of each park, the chances of seeing more species of animals is also greater, to avoid the risk of getting lost in the car. In addition, vehicle insurance paid by the car rental companies, and in addition to damage to tires and glass are the responsibility of the renter, other compensation accident occurs, repair costs borne by the car rental company.
    Now most of the local car rental companies also offer similar with ground operators train service, or even require special Chinese tour guide (need extra cost, the price is about $ 150 / day), the train service is usually better than their own Order tickets + hotel + pay chartered cheaper.
    Alternatively, you can contact online well-known local ground operators to provide one-stop service, which can be removed from their own hotel reservation, tickets and other troubles, they will arrange a professional driver (and guide) accompanied driving, safety and comfort also guaranteed, the vehicle itself is not responsible for problems with the tourists.
    safari routine 6-7 Tianquan price package is approximately $ 2,000 / person. If an insufficient number of vehicles (ships Jeep can take 3-4 people, bread 6) trips, this one vehicle cost will increase, if you can accept others carpooling, car rental companies or travel agent can tell in the mail, so costs should be reduced.


    Intercity bus

    Kenya coach some danger, is not recommended to take. First, there may be some places robbers; Second, there have been the case under anesthetic after the visitors food and drink in a crime (so to politely turn down a drink or snack from strangers); if the long-distance bus ride, it Select daytime long-distance car, so that the relatively more secure.

    Kenya External Traffic


    There are three international airports in Kenya, Nairobi has two, respectively Qiaomo Kenyatta International Airport (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, NBO) and Wilson Airport (Wilson Airport, WIL). Wherein Qiaomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya is the hub of international routes, almost all international flights are landing here. Wilson Airport is the main route connecting traffic Nairobi and Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania between. The second largest city also has an international airport Mombasa – Moi International Airport (Moi International Airport, MBA) but there is limited international flights and charter flights to Zanzibar, mainly domestic routes.
    At present, only Chinese mainland to open direct flights Guangzhou Nairobi (Nairobi) flight, the flight time of about 10 hours, the Kenya Airways routes. Every Wednesday / five / seven KQ247 Guangzhou – Nairobi 01: 00-06: 15, every Tuesday / Quad / Six KQ246 Nairobi – Guangzhou 08: 00-23: 30. Shanghai and Beijing to Nairobi, Kenya, is the need for transit time, no non-stop flights.
    Kenya Airways website: www.kenya-airways.com

    Kenyan immigration


    Kenya from September 1, 2015 start of the Chinese citizens fully implemented e-visa, visa artificial system stops functioning. In addition to qualified individuals have a visa, other Chinese citizens entering Kenya need to apply for an electronic visa fee of $ 51 per person.
    Kenya electronic visa application process
    1. Access URL www.ecitizen.go.ke.
    2. No account need to register (Register), have an account you can choose to log in (Login).
    Select Guest (Visitor) 3. Register for an account (Create an Account).
    4. After login, select the Department of Immigration services.
    5. Select the filing.
    6. Select visa Kenya (Kenyan Visa).
    7. Select the type of visa, and read the instructions carefully.
    8. Fill in the application form.
    9. Choose a payment card VISA, Master Card and other credit cards.
    10. Please wait for confirmation, and then download from your account and print electronic eCitizen visa.
    11. At the time of entry and present your printed e-visa to immigration officials.
    1. After payment is non-refundable visa application.
    2. Fill in the information is incomplete will be refused.
    You must bring the printed electronic visa 3. entry.
    4. Before entry well in advance to apply for a visa to enter the country.
    5. The visa is not necessarily guaranteed to enter the Republic of Kenya, the final decision whether the immigrants from the border of the border sector.
    6. working in Kenya are required to have a work permit.




    When applying for Kenya visa, passport valid for at least 6 months, at least two blank visa page, you need to have a passport last page signed.


    entrance card

    They are required to fill in when the aliens.

    Kenya festival

    Good Friday and Easter

    Christ is the Good Friday Christians commemorate Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday the day before Easter Friday. Easter full moon after the vernal equinox each year the first Sunday. Typically two Eid holiday together.

    • time:Easter full moon after the vernal equinox each year on the first Sunday, Good Friday is the Friday before Easter


    Autonomy Day

    June 1, 1963, after years of struggle, Kenya from British colonial rule was granted internal self-government.June 1 was designated as an autonomous day.


    Moi Day

    Moi Day is the incumbent President Moi of Kenya’s inauguration anniversary, but also the country’s most important festivals


    Kenyatta Day

    Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta (Jomo Kenyatta) birthday


    Boxing Day

    Boxing Day day, also known as Boxing Day after Christmas, Boxing Day demolition, the meaning is clear, that is, on this day people will split as a gift


    Carnival Mombasa Mombasa Carniva

    Mombasa annual carnival is the most important celebration of the year in November, during the parade will begin performances from Moi Avenue (Moi Ave), the entire city will become a sea of ​​joy.

    • time:November each year


    Kenya Kenya Music Festival Music Festival

    This is Kenya’s oldest and most influential international music festival. Every year in August in the capital Nairobi, which lasted 10 days, when the European and American singer, famous musicians come to help out. Appreciation and understanding of African music is a great opportunity.

    Kenya Highlights