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    An African getaway is possibly the most sought after vacations and with good reason. Africa has gone relatively untouched by the modern world, sure there are cities, but with ahuge acreage of wild life reserves and protected parks and the largest population of nomadic people, Africa is a rare beauty on Earth.


    Kenya is one of the safest tourist destinations in Africa. From big cities like Nairobi and white sparkling beaches to whole areas that still look much like they did when they were established in the 12th century to AFRICAN SAFARI TOURS.

    Kenya is a lovely country with something for everyone. Not to mention, one of the official languages in Kenya is English, making communication during your travels that much easier.More information about Kenya click here on Wiki.


    Maasai_Mara kenya travel guide
    Maasai_Mara kenya travel guide

    Maasai Mara– One of Kenya’s many national reserves Maasai Mara is a top tourist destination offering up the most classic AFRICAN SAFARI TOURS.

    A northern stretch of the Serengeti, the reserve borders Tanzania. One of the heaviest trafficked times is the Great Migration where most of the wildlife can be seen moving through the park.


    Amboseli National Reserve- Crowned by the continent tallest peak Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amboseli boast large herds of elephants and 600 species of bird alongside the other expected wildlife during their safari tours.

    Lake Nakuru National Park
    Lake Nakuru National Park

    Lake Nakuru National Park- The lake itself makes up more than a third of this national park. It ismost famous for its huge flamingo population, but it also boasts 450 other species of birds and huge succulent forest reserve.

    Lamu Island
    Lamu Island

    Lamu Island- An old world island,Lamu was established as a colony in the 12th century. Donkeys have run of the streets and Dhows, traditional sailing vessels, run the harbor, as few motorized vehicles even exist on the island.

    History is everywhere, but if you need more the Lama Museum is the place to be and if you are overwhelmed try the white sand beaches and small cafes.


    Nairobi- Perfect balance of past and present, city and safari. The capitol of Kenya is more modern and more densely populated than much of the country.

    Find a rich history, Nairobi National Museum or take an AFRICAN SAFARI TOUR through Nairobi National park.

    Visit the elephant orphanage or famous giraffe center for up close and personal encounters you’re your favorite animals. 10km from Nairobi is the living museum Bomas of Kenya with traditional song and dance performances every day.


    Malindi- Part old historic hub, part modern tourist attraction, this beach resort is very popular with European visitors.

    Snorkel at one of two coral reefs in north Kenya, check out the Falconry of Kenya or take a culinary adventure through the melting pot of culture in this port city.

    Advice About Kenya Safaris

    KENYA TRAVEL ADVICE isn’t much different than advice for anyone headed out into any foreign country or tourist travel spot.

    • Traveling from the States will require an approved travel visa, give yourself the right amount of time to get one approved. You have to apply through the Kenyan embassy.
    • Consider applying for an East African Tourist Visa, which is good for three months and give you access to a few other countries, opening up travel options due to its unlimited entrance.
    • Get your physical earlier rather than later. You will have to see your doctor for a check up and the necessary care before traveling to anywhere in Africa.
    • Learn some street slang. As the national languages are English and Swahili the languages are sure to have melded in some places. Knowing what people are saying makes life easier when traveling.


    There is currently a KENYA TRAVEL GUIDE WARNING from the US and other governments for various reasons.

    Many travel to and from Kenya without incident every year, but keep your guard up as civil unrest, ethnic disputes and terrorist attacks happen in Kenya periodically with unnerving amount of unpredictability.

    • Avoid boiled foods unless you are sure of the water source. Keep an eye out for food hygiene, not all water is safe or food correctly handled, look out for food dangers.
    • Get a money/passport belt to hold your most valuables under your clothes and leave your jewlry at home.
    • With proper preparation and a little street smarts, Kenya can be the dream African vacation you have always dreamed of taking. It is lovely with a rich history, mild climate and varied landscape Kenya is a wonder.