tanzania safari
tanzania safari

If like many safari goers your goal is to see the big five of the wildlife world, you will not be disappointed on a Tanzania safari tour. Tanzania’s diverse and rich wildlife follow the turquoise waterways around many gaming parks across the country. Accenting the spectacular landscape and expansive views, Africa’s highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro stands majestically in the background.
You have many options for visiting Tanzania’s splendid gaming reserves. Most visitors choose a guided tour. Guides are familiar with the terrain, practice sustainable tourism and, importantly, know where to find the wildlife as they migrate throughout the area during the year. For a Luxury Safari Tanzania has many luxury accommodations available at safari lodges and camps.
Most tourists venture to the Tanzania wildlife parks where they choose vehicle, walking, cycling or canoe tours. Each park has different wildlife and terrain, offering a safari experience to suit all travellers. While the parks receive many visitors, they are considered wild and, for the most part, untouched. Tourists can enjoy a high level of interaction with the animals – at a safe distance. Wildlife are known to come very close for close up shots. Leopards and monkeys may even hitch a ride on top of a vehicle. Elephants, zebras and giraffes walk in front of vehicles and peak in and say hello. A site to see is the tree leopard lounging in a big tree by the roadside, sometimes hauling its very large prey with it.
Lions and Leopards, Oh My!
Tanzania is home to Africa’s biggest wildlife park, Selous. The Selous game reserve, though one of the busiest, is considered to be largely untouched. The wildlife present on your visit will depend on the time of year. Many migratory animals and birds pass through the park. The richest display of wildlife is present from late summer to early fall. Knowledgeable guides help visitors follow the migratory patterns. For longer stays, several camping sites and options are available, from tents to lodges.
Out on safari, lions, leopards, giraffe, buffalo, baboons, zebras, and many other animals make regular appearances. The mysterious wildebeest is known to pass through in thunderous herds. This shaggy beast is often seen leaping high and gracefully into water.
Amateur bird watchers to ornithologists flock to Selous for its over 400 species of birds. For a peak at Tanzania’s rare birds, visit the lagoons and sandbanks. Boat safaris allow you to access other popular habitats, including the islands and channels. The best bird watching months are off season for safaris, as this is when bird migration is the highest. Keep a keen eye out for the African wattled lapwing or common white-headed vulture, among other cherished species.
The Great Ruaha River
Adventurers like Ruaha, one of Tanzania’s best kept safari secrets. The Great Ruaha River flows through the 20,000 km park. With the area experiencing drier years, gamers follow the animals as they gather around the Ruaha river and other water sources. The landscape is wilder and rockier but for the more adventurous, the wildlife viewing is spectacular. Predatory animal numbers are high. Cheetahs, lions, leopards, and hyenas roam these hills in abundance. Ruaha is another area with superb birding. Several camps and lodges are scattered around the reserves. Night safaris, however, are banned in Ruaha park.
Chimpanzee Trekking
Large chimpanzee populations can be found by trekking into the majestic Mahale mountains. To find the chimpanzees you have to ape them by following their ascending path through the mossy forests, over streams and past waterfalls. Lake Tanganyika’s turquoise waters beckon you below. Chimps call out and tease you along the way. Eventually, you will be rewarded as you reach their habitat and their numbers multiply. Visitors are always fabulously entertained by their cousins who engage in often theatrical human-like behaviors – feuding, playing, and even politicking to get their way. At the height of the tourist season, you will find the chimpanzees lower on the mountain. Later in the season, you will be required hike higher and deeper into the forest.
Other popular Holidays in Tanzania include fishing and boating. The gaming reserves offer many different water expeditions on the expansive turquoise waterways where you can enjoy spectacular views of the wildlife feeding at the lakes and great birding.
The local sightseeing is always worth a look. African Safari Tours are not only about cavorting with the wildlife but also meeting local villagers in the settlements nearby the gaming reserves.