As usual, Kenya has always found itself on the spotlight both for the god and the bad reasons. Nairobi, Kenya’s capital is the favorite business and media hub in Africa. However it has found itself on the negative side often.

Consequently, what are the circumstances facing Kenya and how are they going to impact your travel and stay in Kenya? It is ideal to look at the facts and demystify the common myths with this country. This is a detailed Kenyan travel guide on the situation of security in this African wonder country

The question of whether there is safety in Kenya for tourists has been burning in several people who have always dreamed travel to this country. This might be a difficult question to answer but we have no option but give at least a rational answer to it. We all know that Kenya, home to the wild beast migration has several tourist attraction sites that we all would like to visit therefore we cannot just ignore this question.

The recent Alshabab attacks and kidnaps might have tainted the global picture of this country, but there are several other factors to consider. These attacks are localized in some parts of Nairobi or the porous border with Somalia. Most of Kenya’s world heritage sites have not been affected in any way but these terrorists’ attacks. To answer this question appropriately I have categorized certain regions and the state of their security so far.

Extreme risk areas

The areas bordering Somalia have a considerably high risk to your safety. These areas are characterized by frequent kidnaps and terrorists attacks. These areas include, Mandera County, Garisa County and areas within a radius of 60 kilometers from the border with Somalia which includes Pate Island and kiwayu in coast province.

There is also extreme risk on the areas bordering the Ethiopian border and within a radius of 30 kilometers .we strongly advice against travelling to these areas.

High Risk

There is a high risk of your security in selected coastal areas such as the Tana River County. Against the common belief that most counties in the coast province are insecure, calm has resumed and life is back to normal. Counties such as lamu, an historical and world heritage center have regained calmness. Most of these places have suffered from bad publicity portrayed by the international media. You should get there to experience the calmness. The threat of terrorism has reduced greatly.


Some risk

Just like in any other country, there is some risk in other parts of Kenya. There is the threat of violent crime, kidnapping and terrorism. However, this should raise no alarm on the security status, since such happenings rarely occur to tourists. You can comfortably take a Kenya safari without worrying about your safety. These areas such as the Mount Kenya national park have never known insecurity since Kenya got independence. If you are planning about visiting the country, you should probably pay this mountain homage by visiting and climbing it. People around are also very helpful and charming to be with


Civil unrest

Since Kenya is a democratic country, it is common to see protests and demonstrations in large gatherings. The problem is, some of these intended to be peaceful can turn out violent. For your safety, it is important to avoid such demonstrations. Tribal clashes and banditry activities can also be reported time to time. These are also common in several other countries of the world, so there is nothing to worry about. Just keep off these areas and your safety will be guaranteed.

Is it safe to travel to Kenya in 2016?

Currently, there are several irresistible offers on lodges and camps. Additionally, with a comparatively low number of tourists visiting this country due to the fabricated security fears that thrive among international reporters you can anticipate quieter camps and camps with excellent services. Nevertheless, increased security crack downs carried out with no apologetic smiles have greatly improved the security of this wonder country. However, this does not imply that you should go displaying your valuable items. Be very attentive since petty crime is prevalent. The welcome that you will receive from Kenyans is unrivaled by any other in the world.