Nature has blessed Kenya with various attraction sites and by spending your holidays in Kenya, you will certainly explore all its beauty. To begin with, you can have short term or long term budget tour depending on your time schedule. However, regardless of time, you can have a tailor made tour or prepare a budget with the help of the tour operators in order to satisfy your needs. There are many luxurious big hotels around the country and camping sites built near game parks where you can have your accommodation.

In Kenya, you will have an exciting adventure that you will live to remember. Its famous for it’s wildlife watching sites and beautiful photo shooting. Kenya is however the original and authentic wildlife safari destination as described the early European Hunters. You will have a chance to see a variety of wild animals, bird life and also insect life, all sustained in their respective ecology. Above all, you will be delighted to see the five big wild animals on the ground and the big animals below the Amboseli county. Your adventure vacation will also include visiting Lake Nakuru, which is found in the Great Rift Valley. The millions of pink flamingo birds in the lake is a must watch. The salt water and the coral reefs make the lake an ideal home for these birds.

It’s a beautiful country with a mixture of green forest, semi-arid areas, equatorial rain forest, mountains and vegetation. Spending your adventure vacations in Kenya will be the right choice since you will also have a chance to visit big tea and coffee plantations in central province and also in Kericho. Kenya is a peaceful country where you will have good relaxation. You will rest in gorgeous big hotels, where you will have delicious food prepared by expert chefs. Kenya is highly populated with the various tribe and different cultures. It’s a country where you will learn, enjoy and meet new people.

You will not regret having your adventure vacations here in Kenya where you will visit the Indian Ocean Beach. Here you can choose to visit the remote Indian Ocean beach which is far from human contact with the boat or airplane being the only means of transport. The Indian Ocean is a popular beach with plenty of sun, white sand beaches and food. You will have fun swimming in the salty water sea that is devoid of refuse. Visit Mombasa town to see Fort Jesus, the oldest building which was built by the Portuguese. Swahili is the language which is commonly used in Mombasa. I’m sure you will learn a few words.

Take your adventure vacations to Kenya and adventure the Great Rift Valley. Take an enjoyable journey to Lake Naivasha, which is a fresh water lake with different types of fish. Lake Nakuru is an alkaline water making it an ideal home for millions pink and white flamingo birds. Lake Bongoria with it’s unique hot water perspective where you can boil an egg within a minute when placed in the geyser. You will have a wonderful time with the indigenous Masai, Pokot and Samburu communities who strongly keep their cultures. There are many activities in Kenya creating employment to the majority of the people.

An adventure vacations in Mombasa will include touring the town of Mombasa, meeting the local people who are from different parts of the country. As you do your shopping, you will visit Fort Jesus, which is the oldest building being preserved for museum purposes until today. This building has a long history and was built by the Portuguese during the colonial period. The majority of the people of Mombasa are Muslims and Swahili is the common language that is used in the town. The sand beaches along the coast are are always populated with visitors who come to relax and have fun in the warm waters from the Indian Ocean.

Masai Mara is another good site where you can spend your adventure vacations. This park is the most famous in Kenya. The annual wildebeest migration is the main attraction and tourists come in large numbers throughout the year just to watch millions of wild animals. The greatest advantage with this park is, you can view different wild animals all at the same time. You will easily spot the big five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino) including zebras, hyenas, antelopes, birds and gazelles. You can book a hot air balloon flight early enough and experience a life time adventure as you fly over the animals for the first time.